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My Beautiful Valentines Day Inspired Yarn Color Palette Compilation

Typically the most popular colors of Valentine’s Day are simply red, pink, and purple. Or maybe we can try some fresh new colors this year. From rose to mauve, the word blush can represent many different shades of the classic reds, pinks, and purples, while still invoking those classic feelings of romance, sweetness, and passion. Below you will find some of my favorite blush shades that inspired me to create these yarn color palettes.

I hope everyone falls in love with these beautiful Valentine’s blush palettes as much as I do and may they bring you creativity and inspiration for your valentine’s Day-themed yarn projects.

With this Valentine’s Day-inspired yarn color palette compilation, I really want to explore more nontraditional colors. So I started this palette actually in December but chose to wait a bit to enjoy my holidays with my family, and it ended up helping me find Valentine’s Day inspiration! I see so many classic color choices in the crochet patterns I find, but who is today we need to stick with those colors.

 Thank you for visiting Vivid Crochet and hopefully, you can find something to get that creative spark flowing.

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Rosebud Blushes

With more purple and red undertones, these bright floral palettes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. I mainly focused on the contrast between red and green and tried to really rejuvenate the traditional colors with more updated shades.

3 color dots

This warm and soft yarn color palette offers 4 traditional colors that would be perfect for any Valentine Blanket or even would look good as a sweater. You can find these yarns on Amazon here if you’re interested.

Stylecraft Special DK (Dk, light #3). Cascade 220 Aran (aran #4).

This palette features bright steamy colors with a vintage feel. I could see these colors being used in a scrunchy set, or other valentine gift ideas! You can find these yarns on Amazon here if you’re interested.

Premier Yarn Everyday Anti Pilling (Dk. light #3).

Malabrigo Yarn (worsted #4).

Or you could give this subtle soft palette a try. Perfect for your more youthful projects such as blankets or fun pillows. You can find these yarns on Lovecrafts website if you’re interested.

Rico Creative Ricorumi (DK (Dk, light #3).

Paintbox Cotton (medium #4).

Peachy Blushes

Some of my personal favorite blush shades are closer to the pastel pink and peach family.  Below we have more of the muted shades that have been super popular the last couple years. Who said coral couldn’t be a valentine color?

3 color dots

This bashful blushy yarn color palette offers 4 beautiful colors that would be perfect when making any valentine themed clothing. You can find these yarns On Lovecrafts website here if you’re interested.

Paintbox Yarns Simply DK (DK, Light #3).

Caron Simply Soft (aran #4).

This warm and inviting palette offers 4 muted colors that normally you would not think go together, but it works!  You can find these yarns on Amazon here if you’re interested.

Rowan Kid Classic (aran #4).

Rico Baby Soft DK (DK, light #3).

This traditional timeless palette offers 4 classic colors that would be perfect classy clutch or purse projects. You can find these yarns on Amazon here if you’re interested.

Cascade 220 Superwash DK (DK, Light #3).

Red Heart Soft  (super bulky #6).


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