The Mission

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Colors & Creativity

Hello there, my name is Jessica.  I am a creative designer here in Knoxville Tennessee who has a passion for crochet. I am a former Graphic Designer and a current stay-at-home mom to two beautiful boys.

So I have been crocheting for over two years and now I crochet nearly every day.

Coming back home to raise my sons have given me the freedom to explore some of my other passions such as painting, graphic design and crochet. I’m also a big dork and love video games and all that jazz. But my mission in life is to show every single color in the rainbow some love!

The Lowdown

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Vivid Crochet

I always see ladies in my Facebook groups or on comment boards asking if these colors go well together or which of these colors look best when completing a crochet project. I aim to take some of that stress away and create beautiful Yarn color palettes for all your yarn projects!

Blogging used to be a big part of my life from the late ‘90s to the ‘00s and I really wanted to get back into it but I couldn’t really find anything I was so passionate about that warranted a blog till now.  So I started this website/blog to bring more information to fellow Crocheters. Information I have spent plenty of time looking for. Whether it’s color options, yarn, or simple pattern round-ups, I hope you find inspiration while visiting Vivid Crochet!