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Aesop’s Animals Appliques – 6 Free Crochet Patterns

 Looking for new fun holiday gift ideas? Check out these free crochet patterns!  How about turning these cute Aesop’s Fables-inspired animal appliques into tree ornaments?  Or stitch the applique onto a hat, ear warmer, blanket, or scarf for a cute flare to your holiday gifts!

Now is the time to start getting your gift lists in order! Want more help organizing? Check out my holiday crochet project planner! It’s the perfect way to keep track of all the crochet project details while gift-making! I like to write things out, and can often lose my notes on my laptop. So having these printables in a binder has helped me to stay focused and tackle my huge pile of unfinished crochet projects. 

Below you will find an Aesop’s animal crochet pattern round-up! This one includes 4 free Aesop’s Animal applique crochet patterns and a bonus of 2 free foliage applique crochet patterns. Daliah Flower and a Leaf Garland as shown in the picture. I hope you find some inspiration for all of your animal-themed crochet projects!

~The Sheep and Stork applique in the picture above are customs, designed by Jessica @ vivid crochet ~

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small crochet appliques of animals, flowers and leaves
Free Aesop's Applique Patterns
The Wolf

For The Wolf & The Sheep appliques,  I found this amazing wolf granny square applique free crochet pattern! Another great free crochet pattern to add to the list. I personally did not add the granny square aspect, as I was looking for appliques on their own. However, I did highlight my version of the Wolf in blue to really make his fur stand out. I really enjoyed using white velvet yarn for the fur!

Free Crochet Pattern Here!

~ The sheep applique in the picture above are custom designed by Jessica @ vivid crochet ~

The Fox & The Stork is one of my favorite fables.  I found this absolutely adorable heart-shaped fox applique, what a great free crochet pattern find!  Personally, I used a light weight (3) yarn in red and orange together to create a dynamic fur color combination. Instead of red and orange, maybe orange and gray?  I hope you had as much fun as I did creating this cute fox applique by Golden Lucy Crafts.

Free Pattern Here!

~ The Stork applique in the picture above are custom designed by Jessica @ vivid crochet ~
~The blue wings are grape leaves, free pattern found here.

The last  Aesop’s Fable is The Farmer and His Three Enemies.  A Farmer caught a Wolf, Fox, and Hare and heard each story of why they were on the farm. Hare was honest; the other two were arrogant. The Hare only went free. The truth may set you free.  I hope you find inspiration in these sweet Rabbit Appliques! Be it for an aesop fables, animals, or holidays!

Free Crochet Pattern Here!

Another Aesop’s Fable is The Rat & The Elephant. “A resemblance to the great in some things does not make us great” is another great lesson to be learned. This sweet Elephant Applique free crochet pattern would fit in perfectly with the other appliques on this list, you could sew them on hats, or scarves or create a mobile with them!  I hope you find inspiration in the Elephant Crochet Applique by Natalia Craft!

Free Pattern Here!

I often incorporate flowers, leaves, vines, or other foliage, to add a little something to my applique crochet projects. This 3D Dahlia Flower is a beautiful and elegant way to enhance anything. I used a few of them in the display above! I hope they inspire you as well.

Free Pattern Here!

I have been making a lot of various garlands the last year and can tell you, that I have used this free crochet pattern for vines and leaves several times! I feel like this is a classic pattern that every crocheter needs to have in their books. Thank you!

Free Crochet Pattern Here!

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