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Top 6 Color Trends of 2021 For Your Home Decor Patterns

Top Color Trends of 2021

2021.. Boy, I bet we all can not wait for it to get here! So let’s start off the year right by enjoying these 2021 home decor color trends that will be perfect for all your home decor crochet projects.

One of the foremost color palette trendsetters is Behr. They are well known for their beautiful and innovative color palettes. However, they are not the only company to put out home decor color trends. PPG, paint giant Sherwin-Williams and Pantone are some of the biggest names in Color. They all are known around the globe for their color systems for design and print. So I’ve gone through a bunch of predictions from around the web and focused them down to these 6 color ranges. Hopefully to inspire all your home decor projects and brighten your sanctuary.

Comfort Comfort Comfort. That is what 2021 is about. I mean if there’s anything we could use right now in this day and age is some comfort. So below, you can check out these comforting colors that evoke familiarity and nurturing feelings, yet with some fun vibrant pops of retro 70s for a hint of nostalgia. So what do you do to evoke that warm protected nurturing feeling? Fill your house with the right color!

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Three warm colors


terra cotta


color blocks

Yes, I said Beige! Buttercream beige is a classic neutral, that is versatile and all around agreeable. It’s most notably  associated with a calming feel, encouraging us to relax and unplug while evoking that classic familiarity. Beige does not have to be a color that you are afraid of or that you find tacky, instead try pairing it with other neutrals(including other shades of beige), or deep rich contrasting colors such as Navy or Rust, creating that nurturing feeling we all kinda want this year.

beige color palette

Check out this sample beige combination which includes the beige, plum and midnight blue. A warm yet strong union for a crochet project such as these Bernat Bobble and Fringe Crochet Pillows from Yarnspirations! 

beige plum and navy color blocks
lady holding 3 crochet blankets

Champagne, Lilac & Midnight Blue

This beige color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Paintbox Yarn  Cotton Aran
Shades Vanilla Cream, Dusty Rose and Midnight Blue

Plymouth Yarn  Encore Worsted
Shades Pale Yellow, Dusk Rose and Navy Blue

tera cotta

Terra cotta is probably mostly associated with the autumn palettes, but these earthy tones and rich shades are perfect for creating warm and motivating interior projects. Terra cotta or Rust signifies bold optimistic vibes guaranteed to inspire creation! And don’t forget to think about saturation when it comes to colors. Saturate terra cotta down and you end up with caramel and cream shades.

rust color crochet rug
rust color palette

Here we have a terra cotta sample color combination that includes beige, terra cotta, and plum. A inspiring combo for a bold crochet table runner pattern from Sunflower Cottage Crochet!

almond rust and plum color blocks
dinning room and kitchen

Champagne, Terra Cotta & Plum

This terra cotta color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Cascade 220
Shades Beige, Pumpkin Spice and Heather

Lion Brand  Vanna’s Choice
Shades Beige, Dusky Purple and Rust


Plum has been one of my favorite colors for a very long time. It is even the main color in my designer logo. I was very excited to see plum on so many lists. With its various shades and hues it is known to create feelings of harmony, passion, and spirituality. Plum will bring an abundance of effortless sophistication to any interior crochet project in any room of your house!

plum color blocks

Now we will checkout this modern plum color combination. Light beige, plum and deep olive.  A inspiring combo for a classic blanket, like this Love Triangles Granny Stripe Baby Blanket by One Dog Woof.

almond lilac and green color blocks
living room couch with flowers

Almond, Lilac & Green

This plum color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Shades Eiderdown, Cameo and Blue Spruce Mix

Stylecraft Special DK
Shades Cream, Parma Violet and Khaki

Three cool colors




color blocks

Onward to Olive, another beautiful neutral color. Somehow it is simultaneously stimulating, soothing, and serene. Olive is also associated with compassion and harmony and can bring a nice retro feel to your projects.  I don’t see a lot of Olive in crochet projects and that’s something that needs to change! Try Olive on your walls, in an outdoor project, or in your home office, you will not be disappointed!

olive shades color block

This beige, olive and terra cotta color combination is here to motivate you to try something new! Like this free Wall Hang Organizer pattern from Topknotch Crochet!

beige olive and rust color blocks
living room couch infront of window

Clay, Olive and Sienna

This olive color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Plymouth Yarn   Encore Worsted
Shades  Sand, Light Greenhouse and Burnished Heather

Lion Brand  Hue & Me
Shades Desert, Sea glass and Spicy


In the last 10 years or so, I have grown more and more in love with Teal. It’s about time everyone else falls for this unique color and you can see its popularity rising all over the place! You would be surprised how man shades of teal there are out there, Light Teal blue to Deep Teal Green with everything in between. Don’t be afraid of so many choices, you really can’t go wrong. Teal can encourage calm, rejuvenation, and enlightenment, conjuring thoughts of the tropics, oceans, and warm sunny vacations that we all are so desperate for.

teal shades color block
plum and green bedroom

Here we have something different, beige, teal and midnight blue. I am so impressed with Teal and midnight blue especially. Try this this free Carry-All Tray Set pattern from All about Ami Crochet!

beige teal and midnight blue
living room couch with lamp and window

Clay, Teal and Midnight Blue

This teal color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Cascade Yarns  220
Shades River Rock, Cyan Blue and Midnight Blue

Stylecraft  Special Chunky
Shades Camel, Teal and Midnight

midnight blue

Finally, we have midnight blue, the deepest darkest shade of blue, inspired by the night sky. Midnight Blue is often associated with elegance, authority, and stability which can trigger those feelings of being in control. It also balances the neutrals very well creating even more elegance. You want to spice up a project, swap out black or even dark blue, for midnight blue! I personally haven’t used this shade enough in my life or my projects, but that is sure to change.

As always I hope you found some inspiration and maybe some love for a color you didn’t notice before!

navy shade color blocks

I told you I was a huge fan of teal and midnight blue. Here we have shades of plum, teal and midnight blue. Check out this free Cornmeal place mat crochet pattern from Yarnspirations!

bed against the wall

Lilac, Ocean & Navy

This midnight blue color combination can be found in these yarn brands.

Debbie Bliss  Cashmerino & Baby Cashmerino
Shades Heather, Silver and Navy

Sugarbush Yarns  Chill
Shades Grey River, Lazuli and Coal